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Аватар пользователя Leonardo

All Guilds Meeting - September 2011

After a break of a month we are back here for the All Guilds Meeting summary.

Yesterday we had to take a break from the dances that were going on in Ae'gura for the D'ni Day of Dancing and link to Kirel to speak about the projects in Uru.

Once again we had a lot of people attending and we had some great news announced.

You can download the chat log here: raw and cleansed


Christian Walther: Christian has released a new version of his ZikClock. Thanks to it being added to OHB's Uru Localization Project, ZikClock has been translated to a lot a languages: it is currently available in English, German, French, and Swedish. Russian, Spanish, and Dutch translations have also been started. Zik Clock 1.3 is currently available on the AppStore with some new features a part from the new languages: high-resolution graphics for retina display devices and full Voice Over accessibility. Читать дальше

Аватар пользователя Dagnarus

Встреча Всех Гильдий

В первое воскресение каждого месяца мы проводим Встречу Всех Гильдий в Киреле, куда может прийти каждая группа или Гильдия сообщества Myst и URU и рассказать публике о себе, своих новостях и всех своих проектах.

Мы будем собираться в Киреле за несколько часов до начала Встречи, которая назначена на 13:00 КИ

Мероприятие будет проходить с использованием текстового чата без голоса и будет запротоколировано. После встречи Вестники выкладывают на сайте Гильдии Вестников краткое содержание произошедшего на собрании, вместе с (оригинальной и подчищенной) копиями чата.

Прийти может каждый. Если вы хотите выступить на Встрече, свяжитесь пожалуйста с Leonardo (здесь на этом сайте или на форумах MOULa).

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Repeats every month по Первый суббота до вт Янв 01 2019 исключая вт Июл 17 2012, пн Июл 21 2014, вт Июн 23 2015. Also includes вт Июл 24 2012, вт Июн 30 2015.
Январь 7, 2012 - 13:00
Аватар пользователя Leonardo

July All Guilds Meeting

July's All Guilds Meeting has come and passed, without big announcements but still with a good crowd attending.

The Chat Logs can be downloaded from here: Cleansed and Raw

Mysterium 2011: Tanshin came to update us on the latest news and changes to the Mysterium Plan. The first annoucement was for who wants to stay at the hotel for days/nights out of the ones planned for Mysterium: The room rate of 99$/night is available for nights outside of the 5th-6th, if you are planning to stay outside of those nights (the rate extends two nights forwards and back), make your reservation for the 5th and/or 6th FIRST. After doing that, take a look at http://mysterium.net/mysterium-2011/registration/additional-reservation-dates/ for a form that you can fill out that will get your rates adjusted properly. Reservations can be made until July 29th. For more info: http://www.mysterium.net/mysterium-2011/location/
T-Shirts need to be ordered by July 8th so we can get the order in on time and they cost $18 and can be found at Mysterium Shop. At the shop you can also find pre-registrations (until July 11th). The Room and Ride Share board has also been opened on the forum and once again PaperPeople pictures can be sent to tanshin@mysterium.zibland.com for attending Mysterium in Paper shape. For more infos: http://mysterium.zibland.com Читать дальше

Аватар пользователя Tanshin

June All Guilds Meeting Log

The meeting today was quite short but went well without Leo. As always, a chat log can be read here. It is the raw version as there was argubaly no reason to make a cleansed version (if somebody feels that it should be made as such then feel free to do so).

A brief synopsis:
From the GoMe:
- (Luna) Today the "Behind Open Source" special was released featuring interviews and important info you need to know about Open Source. Read more here.
- (Theremin) The third issue of Go! has been started and is expected to be released in July or August

From the Mysterium Committee:
- A recap of all of the details released so far in addition to the announcement of our logo, t-shirts, and free registration contest. Everything you need to know is at the Mysterium 2011 page.

From the GoW:
- PyPRP has been updated
- A fix has been made that reduces the lag that occurs when sending age invites
- The shard they announced has been been put on hold due to technical issues.

Аватар пользователя Tanshin

All Guilds Meeting - June 2011

The monthly All Guilds Meeting will be held once again in Kirel today. Come join us as we hear announcements and news from the groups and guilds of our communities. Some of the presentations include:

  • Guild of Messengers
  • Mysterium 2011 Committee
  • Guild of Writers (H'uru)
  • And More!
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Kirel - Community Room
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Июнь 4, 2011 - 15:00

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